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We intermediate energy trades. Our primary focus is on electricity, gas, emission permits and guarantees of origin.

Our customers are energy producers, distributors, and traders. In all cases, they are highly competent companies that have been in the business of producing, distributing, or trading energy for a long time, have a high level of specialized know-how and experience, and hold the relevant authorizations and regulatory licenses that entitle them to operate. With us they have a team of experienced brokers and modern trading platforms at their disposal.

Our services include brokering physical energy delivery and derivative transactions with financial settlement. Settlement of trades can take place directly between the companies that entered the trade or through the exchange market. In both cases, the transactions may be spot or forward transactions or option transactions.

We place emphasis on sustainability and reducing negative environmental impacts. Therefore, we also offer our customers the intermediation of deals with guarantees of origin of electricity. The guarantee of origin confirms that the electricity has been produced from renewable sources.

We can provide accurate and fast information on prices and liquidity of all instruments we offer to our customers. This increases market liquidity and helps you find the best trading opportunities.

Thanks to the neutral position we take in the entire trade brokerage process and the anonymity we provide to our clients when negotiating trade parameters, we guarantee objectivity, transparency, and high efficiency.

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You can also find out more about our product offer and the trading process in the "Regulatory hub" section.

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The quality of the service we provide to our customers is crucial to us. We want to be the best at what we do. We believe that success can only be achieved with a quality team of colleagues, which is why we are always looking for great new colleagues to join us at 42 Financial Services.

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